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INNOBREATH - Breathe freely!

The effects of essential oils have been known for many years. In its convenient spray can, the INNOBREATH natural eucalyptus spray can be used as a spray or as part of the INNOFOGGER high-performance spray system.


Improves the quality of air in horse stables and animal stables. The essential oil can have positive effects on the respiratory tract and prevent problems caused by posture and weather conditions. It can result in an increased well-being of the animal. Also suitable as a room spray.


INNOBREATH is made from purely plant-based ingredients. You can rely on the tested quality of the ingredients and our monitored production process.


  • 100% natural eucalyptus oil
  • Can be used as a spray or as part of the INNOFOGGER high-performance spray system
  • Lasts for up to 3 months
  • Top quality made in Germany

what our customers say

  • »Thanks to the spray system filled with INNOSECT, we have finally managed to get rid of all the pests from our henhouse.«

    Karsten T.
  • »The eucalyptus stable spray INNOBREATH gives the stable a wonderful, fresh smell. It makes our animals feel extremely comfortable.«

    Daniel K.
  • »INNOSECT is simply great. I've finally found the right product to eliminate mosquitoes from our stable!«

    Christina F.
  • »I've barely tested it and can already say I'm thrilled. INNOSECT is really perfect for keeping insects away. I went and bought a second INNOFOGGER for the terrace.«

    Susi L.
  • »Thanks to INNOBREATH, my allergic mare can breathe freely in the stable again.«

    Sarah S.

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